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The winemaking philosphy of Dillon Cellars is affected by all of my mentors in Washington & Napa; as well as my time working and studying in France, Spain and Portugal. Having the opportunity to work with hedonists, old-world craftsmen & women, academics, and enological technicians has provided me with the breadth of experience to find my own path.

We embrace the science, it guides us  and permits us to push the limits of old-world tradition, which grounds us

Wine constantly evolves and is endlessly complex. My role is to guide the development from vineyard to bottle. The key to artful winemaking is thoughtfully using modern tools and methods alongside the ancient techniques that honor the long tradition of hand-crafting wine. Skillful use of these principles shape a wine into the most complete and transparent expression of itself. This is what makes Dillon Cellars’ wines timeless.